Detoxification & Stabilization

What is Medically-Assisted Detoxification and Stabilization?

Medical Detoxification is a process that systematically and safely withdraws people from addicting drugs and or alcohol, while under the care of a physician.

Drinking alcohol or using drugs can cause physical dependence over time. The sudden stop of use can result in withdrawal symptoms in people with this dependence. The detoxification process is designed to treat the immediate bodily effects of stopping drug use and to remove toxins left in the body as a result of the chemicals found in drugs and/or alcohol.

The following are the 3 categories of common medications.

Partial Agonist and Antagonist medications are employed in the Monarch medically-assisted detox program.


Agonist drugs activate certain receptors in the brain to activate opioid receptors fully, resulting the the full opioid effect. These include methadone, morphine and others used to relieve withdrawal and prevent cravings.

Partial Agonist

Partial agonist opioids activate the opioid receptors in the brain, but to a much lesser degree than full agonist, these include Buprenophine. These can reduce cravings without producing a “high” or the dangerous side effects of opioids.


An antagonist drug blocks opioids by attaching to the opioid receptor without activating it, causing no opioid effect. These include naltrexone and naloxone which are taken orally, are slow acting and can prevent withdrawal symptoms.

What happens after Detox?

Only a licensed clinician can determine what the next Level of Care is for any patient.

Often, the next step after detox is enrollment in a residential, in-patient facility. Whatever the next step is, every Monarch Detox client leaves with a detailed Next Step Plan that is both clinically and financially appropriate.

If an out-patient program is suggested, our team will work with clients before they leave to ensure they are enrolled in a program, have a contact, and all the local resources they need to stay on the path to recovery at their disposal.
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