When Available VA Programs Aren’t Available

The pressures and stresses of going to war are unfathomable to most Americans. Only a few, such as first responders can imagine the trauma of a significant injury sustained under the most horrific of circumstances or being witness to the death of a fellow service member, or any of the other manner of horrifying situations veterans experience. Service members returning home from deployment and combat face several challenges when trying to adjust to civilian life, finding traumas hard to cope with upon their return while trying to re-engage at home and get back to “normal life.” Too often a combination of these challenges leads to self-medication through alcohol and/or drugs.

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The rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are extremely high for veterans, specifically for those who are in the Army or Marine Corps who experienced moderate to severe combat. These veterans may also show signs of other mental health issues, drug abuse, and other physical health issues relating to the traumas they experienced during their military service.

Unfortunately, service members may deal with stressors through drinking or drug use. At times, substance abuse might start right after deployment as innocently as a means to relax, celebration/ initiation, or to wind down alongside fellow service members.

As many addicts have unfortunately come to know, this innocent and casual use can get out-of-hand very quickly.
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), deployment is associated with smoking initiation, unhealthy drinking, drug use, and risky behaviors. Zero-tolerance policies, lack of confidentiality, and mandatory random drug testing that might deter drug use, and can also add to the stigma and could discourage many who need treatment from seeking it.

In fact, recent research by the NIH found that half of military personnel reported that they believed seeking help for mental health issues would negatively affect their military career.

When active duty members separate, entering the civilian world as veterans, many are already at risk of addiction as fear of repercussions kept them from seeking help while on active-duty. Unreported mental health issues and habitual drug and/or alcohol abuse can be exacerbated by the challenges of returning to civilian life.

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