Refer your clients

The primary concern of recovery professionals is helping every person struggling
with addiction get access to the help they need and deserve.
Unfortunately, like you, we can’t accommodate
every individual that reaches out.

That’s why we have Referral Partners. Together, we can help more people.

Contact our team at 800.994.5091 or

Contact Monarch Detox

Speak with our Community Outreach Manager to discuss your client’s needs and how to collaborate with one of Monarch Detox's programs. If you have access and consent to tell provide your client's insurance information, we can verify benefits.

Treatment Options for Your Client

If you haven’t already, you may want to discuss Monarch detox and stabilization with your client as an option. We can also help direct you and your client to another provider that may be better suited to their situation, even if not one of our facilities.

Clinical Assessment

Contact our Program Director with your client or have your client contact us directly. Our team will conduct a clinical assessment by phone and determine if the detox and stabilization program is best for them. If we have not yet verified their benefits, we’ll get the information required and provide verification within 24-hours.

Choosing Monarch

Once approved for admission, our team will make the necessary arrangements with the detox unit. As an additional courtesy, we will arrange transportation. If your client is within 175 miles of one of our facilities, transportation will be at no cost.

Your Role

Should you and your client determine that you are you to be kept abreast of their progress and notified of their discharge date, let our Program Director know so we can ensure your client signs a release.

Contacting the Facility

Once your client has been admitted our Program Director will put everything in order, so you receive updates.