Family Participation

While including families is integral to long-term recovery, detox and stabilization is private and medically supervised.

Family Contact & Visitation

The detoxification process – eliminating substances from the body – is physically grueling and mentally and emotionally exhausting. At Monarch, we recommend and provide addiction counseling and therapy to clients individually, in groups going through the same process at the facility, as well as for client’s and their families once the client has been stabilized and is able and ready to receive visitors.

The Monarch team will keep designated loved ones informed of clients’ progress. Clients will have the ability to contact their loved ones and visitation can be arranged at the discretion of the stabilization team.

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Understanding Detox & Withdrawal

Anyone that says “detox is easy” is most likely referring to a juice cleanse or other commonly used methods to detoxify the body of sugar or fats. Detoxifying from prolonged and/or heavy use of alcohol and/or drugs will cause symptoms of withdrawal. While these vary in type and severity based on the substance and how long an individual has been using, some symptoms can be dangerous and even life threatening. For that reason, medical detox and medication-assisted treatment is often necessary.

The first few days can be the most difficult. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

Mild Symptoms

Teary Eyes
Runny Nose
Hot / Cold Flashes
Increased Appetite
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Tension

More Severe Symptoms

Severe Irritability
Severe Agitation
Poor Concentration and Memory

Most Severe Symptoms

Increased Heart Rate
Increased Blood Pressure

At Monarch, we strive to provide medically assisted detoxification and stabilization in a safe, clean, and private environment. Detox may be the most physically and emotionally challenging days of a clients’ road to recovery. We respect the dignity of every one of our clients, so, while support from loved ones and family will help get them through the steps post-detox, our medical team will work with the client to determine the best timing for visits and communication with family.

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